Job Seeker PRO a Valencia

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With our local knowledge and valuable contacts we can help you to find a job here in Valencia, starting with our support in helping you to look and apply for a job while providing you with useful info and tips, as you can see below.


*Please note this service is currently available online. You can meet our Advisors and get your CV ready before your trip. Please contact our team for more information.

The Job Seeker PRO includes:

  • Cover letter and CV translation in Spanish
  • Customised consultation one-to-one meeting, during which will be provided: information on public transport services available, a list of recruitment agencies to contact and a list of companies which are hiring international staff, details of taxation and wages in Spain, procedure to follow to obtain the NIE and tips on how to open a bank account
  • Job Interview Simulation and advice on how to prepare for an interview in Spanish
  • Job Search advice
  • Admin fee related to the NIE application (€9,64 covered by EazyCity)
  • Booking of the appointment for NIE
  • If you feel that you need further support with translation during the NIE meeting, we can be available to come with you for an extra fee of €30 per appointment

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