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This course is for students who wish to:

  • Improve their English
  • Be part of an enjoyable enriching experience
  • Build their overall confidence in using English
  • Meet and make friends with students from around the world
  • Individuals or groups who want to enjoy an immersive Irish experience

Being part of our English + Multi-Activity Programme offers students the opportunity to gain proficiency in English while making friends and having fun here with us in Cork!

  • 20 English lessons per week
  • Full-Board Accommodation in homestay
  • Two Half Day Activities Off-Campus Per Week
  • Two Afternoon Activities On-Campus Per Week
  • One Full Day Activity Per Week
  • Two Evening Activities Per Week
  • End of course diploma
  • Commute Bus Ticket
  • Weekly Assessment & End of Course Diploma
  • Transfers to and from Cork Airport

Homestay: Students reside with carefully selected Irish host families in the same area or close to the area where the junior school is located.

  • Students are monitored by group leaders and CEC teachers at all times.
  • Homestay: €1015.00 per week
  • Residence: €1160.00 per week

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